A Letter To Myself

Dear Jennifer,

I’ve been struggling lately with the person I’m becoming. In my earlier twenties I didn’t give a rats behind what I said. As I have been getting older and watching my kids, I have stepped back a bit. Picking and choosing the battles I want to engage in. More and more often, I am just walking away. I honestly just don’t want to deal with their diarrhea of the mouth. ( just my opinion)

However, as I have been biting my tongue, I have grown morbidly disgusted in people. I’m at a loss of words with the way they treat others. Knife in hand waiting to put it in another’s back as soon as they turn. Or they are so concerned with someone else’s life, they wait to push them under the bus during that person’s happy period.

This kind of behavior is something I fear for my kids. And more than ever I want them to stand up for themselves. I want them to take the high road, but when need speak their truth. That’s one thing my grandfather told me that stuck, ” Jennifer, as long as it’s your truth and not spiteful, speak it.”  Now this is something I say to my kids. Because that was his truth and I believe it so much. I don’t want them to become people who are hurtful to those they don’t like or just because.

You’re on your journey, doing well, slow results. Now as you come closer to your goal, some people may become jealous of your success and try to bring you down. They may point out your slightest flaw of the day, week or month. They could simply see your are happy with life in general so they may mock you in the presences of others, in front of you or both.

But please do not let this get the best of you. You have been at the journey, you want this. You are better them on your worst day then they are on their best. You will go to bed knowing your loved ones looking down on you are proud of the person you are. No one can change you, but you.